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May 12, 2009


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Club Penguin CP, founded on September 3rd, 2007, is a web site created by Chrisdog93. We provide you with the latest Club Penguin cheats, and updates. Club Penguin CP is here to help other penguins better than any other Club Penguin site. If you want to help spread the news of Club Penguin CP, add our banner.


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In order to help Club Penguin CP be best, we request that you follow two policies regarding commenting, and copyright.

Comment Policy

Your comments are appreciated and are always read by Chrisdog93. Chrisdog93 tries his hardest to answer your questions, but I just can’t answer them all. I can’t go to all of your party invitations, but you are free to post them, as other penguins might want to go.

Your comments must not have any links to any other web site. You may also not use bad language, post senseless comments, or use too many “!!!.” This is considered spam, and these comments will be deleted.

Copyright Policy

Club Penguin CP material including text, images, and ideas are copyrighted. You are not allowed to take anything off of this web site, as plagiarism is against the law. If you do steal anything from this web site, your site will be reported and will be shut down. We have had to do this to other sites before, and I do not like doing it personally. You are free to post my videos on your site.

Creativity is important to Chrisdog93. You can be creative, just think and put some effort into it. Don’t be lazy! All of the rich and famous people in this world have their own ideas or product. It’s all about creativity, and everyone has it. You just have to put your creativity to use. Make some ideas of your own. You can do it!

Following these two policies can make Club Penguin CP a better place for everyone. Club Penguin CP drives to give you the best content, and faster than anyone else. Following these policies will help Club Penguin CP be the best that it can be.

May 11, 2009

Chrisdog93 Gets an Exclusive New Disney Rockhopper Background!

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Check this out guys, my cousin is down in Florida and he got me a special coin code from Rockhopper and Bambadee! When you enter the special coin code, you will unlock Rockhopper’s new background that hasn’t even released yet!

Here’s a picture of Chrisdog93 with the new background:

chrisdog93 rockhopper bg

The background is awesome! You can only get it from the special coin codes Rockhopper and Bambadee give out in Disney. I’ll see if my cousin has any more special coin codes that he can share. Thanks Rockhopper and Bambadee for giving them out.

Check out how many coins I have! If you want to earn coins like that, you need to check out New 1 Million Coins Cheat!

Club Penguin Winning Wig Color!

Filed under: 309617 — Chrisdog93 @ 1:51 PM

After tallying the votes from Club Penguin’s English, French, and Portuguese speaking players, the winner of the wig voting contest is the blue wig!

Here’s what the blue wig looks like:

blue wig

The blue wig will be available in the June 5th Penguin Style catalog! How do you like the new wig? Should I wear it when it comes out?

Are you going to get the wig? Let me know!

New Club Penguin Trading Cards!

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The Club Penguin team is working on getting the first edition of Card Jitsu cards to the UK, and they will release next week! As always, these cards will come with codes to enter online on Club Penguin. Here’s one of the cards you can get:

white puffle card

There’s also a new set of puffle trading cards available in stores in North America. Club Penguin is working on new ideas for trading cards. What ideas would you put on them?

Post a comment with your best ideas!

May 10, 2009

Club Penguin Exclusive Coin Codes – Unlock Rockhopper and Bambadee’s New Background!

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All of you penguins in Disney World visiting Rockhopper are in luck! Rockhopper will be giving out special coin codes! The special coin codes unlock and exclusive Rockhopper and Bambadee background which is not released yet!

new rockhopper background

The background looks awesome! Rockhopper is supposedly bringing the background when he comes back to Club Penguin.

What do you think of the new Rockhopper background? Let me know!

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