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November 6, 2007

Mission 5 Guide

Filed under: Club Penguin — Chrisdog93 @ 11:25 PM

Here is a Step by Step Video on how to Beat Mission 5. Watch and follow closely. Make sure to do exactly what the video says to do. You will have beaten Mission 5 in no time.

If it was hard to follow the Video use the Text below. It also has Step by Step Guides on how to beat the Mission.


1. Talk to Gary

2. He will ask if you can find out what the pink fur belongs to.

3. Open your spy-phone, and click on the comb.

4. Click the comb to the fur, and it will flatten it.
5. The fur will Analyze the fur, and says it belongs to a pink puffle, now click back and Gary will congratulate you, now analyze the white fur, which he will give you, by clicking it to the suitcase.

6. It will come up with an error, and then shows you the three substances found on the fur, Hot Chocolate, Hot Sauce, and Jet Pack Fuel, Go back and talk to Gary.

7. He asks you if you can find the items found in the fur, in change of some goggles, then go to the Coffee Shop.

8. At the Coffee Shop, talk to a brown penguin, and he explains how it got messy.

9. He shows you a brief drawing of the creature that came in and made the mess.

10. Talk to him again, and ask for hot chocolate, and he says he can’t because it is broken.

11. Go to the Plaza, the to the Pizza Parlor, ask the penguin tidying up the mess, and ask for the Hot Sauce, and Chocolate Sauce, and also pick up the pizza on the desk to deliver to Penguin fishing outside the lodge.

12. Then go back to the Coffee Shop, and click on the Hot Chocolate Dispense, drag the mug under the “Hot Chocolate Button, and connect the milk into place using the Spanner, and change the cold to hot at the right hand side of the machine, now pour in the Chocolate Sauce in at the top. Now push the button and put drink in inventory.

13. Go to the Gadget Room, and collect the AC 1000 from the shelf and teleport to the beacon.

14. Scroll to the side, where the Jet Pack Game is, and use the Fan to blow the Jet Pack Fuel to the land, then use the scissors from the Spy Phone to cut the balloon and Put the fuel in the Inventory.

15. Go to The Gadget Room and talk to Gary and pour the Hot Chocolate, Hot Sauce, and Jet Pack Fuel in the funnel. Then pick up the Goggles and click on them, to put them on.

16. Go to the Ski Lodge, and you will find the Fishing Penguin in the sofa, talk to him, and he says he saw a scary monster.

17. Go to the Lighthouse, and pick up the net next to the door, then scroll left, and pick up the rope in the boat. Put them together, and you have made a trap! Go back to the Lodge, and pick up the candle. Go out side, and you see a shadow, followed by weird music, then set up the trap on he tree.

18. Put the candle on the trap, and a crab will get into the trap, pick up the crab which look really funny, then the shadow will run away, leaving a single tuft of fur on the ground.

19. Go to the Gadget Room, and show Gary the Crab, then put the fur in the analyzer, and it says it comes from a Polar Bear!

20. Now collect the Medal and the Gift, which is a Pizza!

Thanks and I hope this helped you beat the Mission.


  1. tatti

    Comment by jhon — December 13, 2008 @ 3:42 PM

  2. How long have you actually been on CP? You know -like- everything!?

    Comment by kl gurly — December 16, 2008 @ 5:21 PM

  3. thanks dude

    Comment by johnbonjovi — December 27, 2008 @ 11:07 PM

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