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January 1, 2008

Burnt Out Bulbs Spoilers

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Here is the Cover for Burnt Out Bulbs. If you already have seen the cover scroll down for Cheats (Click to Enlarge):

On the First Page where you have to type, type all the way down to where it says “burned out,” and then Push the Puck Left Fast. A coin should pop out (Click to Enlarge):

The Next Page is just a dark page. Put your mouse over the Top Left Corner before you start typing. A coin will appear (Click to Enlarge).

On the Next Page, once the Picture Pops up, Put your Mouse over the Piano (Try to put it on the Board that opens the Piano). Click (Make sure to hold) and then drag the coin quickly (Click to Enlarge).

On the Next Page, when the picture appears, Click the bottom of the Clock. Fred will come out with a coin (Click to Enlarge).

The Next Page is a little tricky. Once you get the Picture up, move the Wooden Floor by clicking and dragging them. Move it in the following directions in this order: Right, Left, Up, and Down. A coin will pop up in the bottom right corner. You have to go really fast to get the coin. It is hard (Click to Enlarge).

On the Next Page, once the picture has appeared, Click each tile, until it is the same pattern as it is on the Puffle Poster. Once you do this the Puffle Poster will open a Black Droor and a Coin will pop out (Click to Enlarge).

On the Next Page, once you have set the lights, Drag the Red Circle piece in the Center Up. A Coin will pop up under the Center Piece (Click to Enlarge).

There is no hidden Coin on the Last Page. Once you have finished the book, you will get a reward depending on how many coins you found. Here is my High Score which is the best score you can get (Click to Enlarge).


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