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January 3, 2008

How to Earn More Coins – Aqua Grabber

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Here are the Instructions for Aqua Grabber. If you already know the basics to Aqua Grabber, Scroll Down for Cheats. (Click to Enlarge):


1. If your ship fills up with water, your ship will sink. If your ship sinks, you loose a life. You start out with Three lives.

2. You can refill your air tank by going to a spot above the water or by being traveling into a giant bubble. These Bubbles will decrease the amount of Water in your Submarine. Try to get all of these because they are good things.

3. To get the pieces, press and hold the space bar on your keyboard until, the grabber is close to the ship piece. Then, press the Space Bar once really fast and you should grab the item. Bring it up to the net and press Space Bar to release the Item.

4. Try to move as little as possible. Each Movement you make, more water seeps into the Submarine. Try to float around and wait until you slowly sink. There will be less water in your submarine and it will be easier to get all of the Items.

5. You may want to watch out for the fish because they can cause you to loose your treasure while driving the Aqua Grabber.

6. If you have a pink puffle on Club Penguin you are now able to bring it to help you in Aqua Grabber! Like in the game Catching Waves with the red puffle, the pink puffle in Aqua Grabber will help you succeed in beating the game! It blows bubbles so when you need air it will take some water out of the Aqua Grabber. If you are in big trouble it will empty out all the water, so these puffles really help you!

7. Also you can find the blue oyster all over the game. They will fall asleep which will able you to get the pearls out of the oyster. To make them fall asleep simply stay next to them for about 25 seconds. Each pearl that you earn you will get 25 coins. There is also black pearls in the oysters which will give you 50 coins.


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