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January 22, 2008

Mission 6 Guide

Filed under: Club Penguin — Chrisdog93 @ 2:06 AM

Hey everyone the New Mission Today called “Questions for a Crab” was released today! I made a video on how to do the Mission! Check out my video and I really hope it helps complete the mission for you. Follow along closely and do exactly as it says. Check it out:

If you had trouble understanding the Video use this Text. It has a Step by Step Guide as well.


1. Talk to Gary and he will show you ‘The Crab Translator 3000′

2. The crab will hit hard on the cage, causing the machine to blow up.

3. Follow the crab and you will end up at the top of the mountain.

4. Wait for the dizzy scene to finish, then you will find yourself at the forest place in “G’s Secret Mission”

5. Turn right, and go towards the bush. Now go foreword to the tree stump. Turn left to the long log and you will see a big pack of Puffle ‘O’s’ on a rope. Click the red flashing light on your Spy-phone and click on the scissors.

6. Click the scissors to the rope and pick the bag up when dropped. Go right to the tree stump and feed the poor, hungry puffle a ‘O’ berry.

7. Turn right to the cave, and you will see the crab walk through the narrow flap. Click a ‘O’ berry on the flap and the puffle will go inside and open the door. Go inside.

8. Inside, a trap will fall and your Spy-phone will fall out. The evil polar bear will appear and steal your phone. Talk to him, and he will tell you his life story, (It’s so long!!) The crabs name is, Klutzy, and the bears name is, Herbert P. Bear Esquire.

9. Klutzy and Herbert will walk out of the room, and the puffle will emerge from the rock.

10. Turn right, and you will find a cage water releasing system. Click an ‘O’ berry to the left of the tray on the right and the puffle will turn it to an angle. Now click a ‘O’ berry on the red lever on the right. The water will turn on. Finally, click another berry on the tray hanging on rope. The cage door will open releasing you.

10. Walk right, and you will find a table full of ‘G’s’ inventions. Pick up, the Blueprint on the wall, the hot sauce, the rope dangling on a wooden plank on the right, and the Pickax.

11. Walk left to the door and open it. Snow will block your exit, so attach the hot sauce and the ‘O’ berry bag to form a flaming berry! Feed this to the puffle, and he will move across the screen and then melt through the snow! Go outside.

12. When outside, walk right, towards the tree stump. Then, from there, turn left to the long log. Now, turn left to the mountain.

13. Click the right side of the mountain and attach the rope with the Pickax. Click the mountain with the rope and pickax and you will find yourself at the top of the Mountain.

14. Make your way to the ski Lodge, and go to Ice Fishing. The Polar Bear will be fixing his invention talking to himself. At one point, he will say he wants a Hot and Spicy Seaweed Pizza.

15. Go to the Si Village, then to the Dock. From there, go to the Town, then to the Snow Forts and then finally, to the Plaza.

16. Go inside the Pizza Parlor and ask for a ‘Seaweed Pizza’ Add it to your inventory and go to the Ski Village the same way you came. Go to Ice Fishing and put the pizza on the floor by clicking the bear.

17. He will eat it and give his complements, while you click the lever to go right instead of left! He will then say he has fixed it and click the on button. The machine will drive into his and send them across the breaking ice river! They will fall in and be stranded on the other side!

18. G will congratulate you and ask you for the Blueprints and that he will get back to you as soon as possible! You will see a flaming puffle fly across the sky like a shooting star!

19. Don’t forget to collect your Medal and Gift!

Thanks and I hope this helped you complete the 6th Mission!



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