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February 14, 2008

Club Penguin Newspaper and Cheats- Febuary 14

Hey Everyone! Happy Valentines Day! Well today Club Penguin Released a new edition of the Club Penguin Times! Its really cool and has lots of new information about Gary the Gadget Guy and lots more!

Click Here to View the New Edition of the Club Penguin Times

Gary The Gadget Guy (Agent G)

Gary the Gadget Guy is hosting a Submarine Drive on February 19th to recover the pieces of the Migrator from the Ocean Floor. Gary built a vehicle that can withstand subzero temperatures and go deep down into the ocean where pressures are enormous even while carrying the heaviest cargo! The vehicle sounds really cool and I hope it can save the Migrator!

Upcoming Events on Club Penguin

February 15.

*Sub-Marine Party.

* New pin hidden.

February 19.

* First launch of the submarine.

1. Name unveiled.

February 22.

* Furniture update.

February 29.

* Sports catalog update.


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