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March 6, 2008

About Club Penguin

This is the official thread for everything you need to know about club penguin in general.

Club Penguin is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for people of all ages developed by New Horizon Interactive and bought by Disney. Using cartoon penguin avatars, players can waddle around, converse, play Mini Games, and participate in other activities with one another in a snow-covered virtual world.[1] Having completed beta-testing, Club Penguin was made available to the general public on October 24, 2005[2] and has since expanded into a large online community.

Club Penguin shares similarities with other popular online environments like RuneScape and Habbo Hotel. Though open to users of all ages, Club Penguin is primarily designed for children ages eight to fourteen[3] and has qualified for the Better Business Bureau – Kid’s Privacy Seal of Approval.[4] Club Penguin was also awarded the “Editors Choice” award from Children’s Technology Review Magazine.[5]

An online merchandise shop opened on the Club Penguin website in August 2006,[6] selling stuffed Puffles and T-shirts. Keychains, gift cards, and more shirts were added on November 7, 2006.[7]

Now there is also the option to participate in the weekly poll on the Club Penguin Home Page. The present question is “What would you like to see more of?” The possible answers with varying percentages are: Furniture, Clothes, Rooms, Games, Puffles and Parties. Past questions have included: “What do you most enjoy doing around Club Penguin?” and “What would you like to see out of the binoculars in the Cove?”

Though the game can be played for free, many of the features are not available unless a subscription is purchased


Paid membership
Players may become members (by paying $5.95 every month, $29.95 for six months, or $57.95 USD for a year) and doing so grants them many benefits. They may buy clothing and furniture, own more than two puffles, enjoy early access to new parts of the game, buy furniture for their puffles, and have access to all puffle breeds. Members also have access to Members-only Parties hosted by Club Penguin.[9] Members may also open their igloo to visits by other players. Payment methods include PayByCash, Pay Pal, SMS, credit card, money order and check. (SMS is only available in the UK.)

Club Penguin provides a non-membership option. Although such play is free, it does not include all of the benefits of being a member. Non-members may still buy colors and player-card backgrounds and can go anywhere (except during member parties) as well as play games. Non-members may also receive and use items given out at parties that are thrown monthly for all players. Non-members are restricted to only two puffles, in the colors blue of red, and may not buy clothes or furniture, or access occasional brand new game areas.


Main Article: Club Penguin Locations Club Penguin is divided into several rooms.

Each player is provided with an igloo for a home. Members have the option of opening their igloo so other penguins can access it via the map. Members may also decorate their igloos with items bought with money earned by playing mini-games.

Many game locations can be accessed by clicking on the Club Penguin map. Some places, such as the Attic, are reached by clicking its general area on the map then walking the penguin to the specific location. Other places, such as Rockhopper’s Ship, The Migrator, are only available on certain days.

Club Penguin recently opened two new areas. The Forest opened on Friday, May 18, though initially only to those who found and followed a lost map. After construction of an access staircase was completed, the Cove opened on May 25 in conjunction with a member party; it opened to all players on May 29 when the party ended.

Club Penguin provides two options for inter-player communication. The Ultimate Safe Chat mode allows players to select predefined phrases from a list, similar to old text-adventure games. The other mode, Open Chat, allows players to enter custom messages, although these are subject to censorship.[10] Each game instance (server) offers one particular type of chat — the majority allowing either, but some allow only Ultimate Safe Chat mode.

Getting Banned
Players who use profanity are often punished by an automatic 24-hour ban, although not all vulgar language results in an immediate ban. After being caught using profane language on a second or third occasion, players may be banned for 72 hours. Players caught hacking Club Penguin are banned for a much longer time period. After 3 to 5 bans, a player is banned indefinitely from the game. [11] If someone tries to log in to Club Penguin as a famous player account (such as Rockhopper or Billybob), any password will result in a message that the account is banned with a “Forever” expiration.

All Club Penguin areas are monitored by large teams of Moderators who ensure players are not using profanity or acting abusively towards other players. Players’ suggestions for new ideas or improvement of the game are reviewed by Moderators, who also help prevent hackers from interfering with the game or cheating.[12] Moderators must be at least 18 years old, pass a criminal record check, and live in or near Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.[13]

Every month, there is a party on Club Penguin. The party may be for a holiday such as April Fools’ Day, Halloween or Christmas, or it may be random, as when no major holiday is celebrated or chosen in a particular month. A free, new article of clothing is made available with each non-member party. The first party on Club Penguin was the Beta Test Party at which beta testers received a party hat.[14]

Players may use the coins they collect from playing minigames to purchase various items from shops.

There are 13 penguin colors, from which players can choose and use as often as they want. They are: Lime Green, Light Green, Dark Green, Orange, Peach, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Brown, Black, Pink, Yellow and Purple. New colors are generally introduced at members-only parties.

Many backgrounds are available, with two to four new ones every month. Backgrounds can be viewed when anyone clicks on a player’s penguin, and can be bought by non-members.

Pins display in the top left-hand corner of a player’s lookup card. A special Christmas Tree Pin was made available for 50 coins in a late 2006 issue of the Penguin Times newspaper.

Flags are similar to pins though are only available to members; they also appear in the top left-hand corner of a player’s lookup card.

Clothes are for members only, except for the items given out for free at parties and on the pirate ship.

Furniture is for members only and can be used to design and decorate a player’s igloo.

Flooring (introduced January 19, 2007) is another feature for members only. There are currently eight different floors to choose from.

Members’ igloos can be upgraded into many different styles. Some igloo styles are themed for recent parties, such as the Bamboo Hut or Log Cabin. Igloo upgrades range from 1000 to 5100 coins depending on the style. In May 2007, a disco tile was added to the igloo upgrades.

Free items
Players can receive free items in addition to clothing during events.

New pins appear every two weeks and are visible in the top left-hand corner of a player card for those who find and use them.
Participate in treasure (scavenger) hunts, such as searching for Lighthouse lights or recovering the band’s lost instruments; these activities resulted in free player card backgrounds, with the exception of the egg hunt, where the reward was a blue bunny hat.
The Penguin Times newspaper sometimes offers polls or fund-raisers for items. During the “Save the Lighthouse” event, players had the option to donate 750 coins to receive a free T-Shirt, and during the color spill, where players got to vote whether to have lavender or lime green as a new color.
Another example is the Christmas Tree: after selecting a decoration, a player would receive the Tree pin.
Rockhopper provides a free item of clothing each time he arrives, such as a bandana, pirate shoes, or a pirate belt.
He also brought back the 2nd non-member puffle, the red puffle, from his island.

Players who pass the Secret Agent test receive a free Spy Phone and are able to participate in secret missions, which provide more free items like medals and letters.
Successful Tour Guide applicants get a free hat to identify them.
In the April Fools Party of 2007, the free items were a blue propeller hat and novelty glasses.
During the Spring 2007 Easter Egg Hunt, players who collected all hidden eggs were rewarded with blue bunny ears.
The Easter party of 2006 was the same except a pink bunny hat was the reward.
Free items from parties often enable a special dance move. For example, dancing while wearing (only) a propeller cap will cause a player to hover; doing the same while wearing an ice cream apron results in the player’s scooping ice cream.

Secret Agents
Secret Agent status is available to all players, whether members or not, who have played for at least 30 days and have not been banned. These agents are encouraged to inform players of upcoming events and guide new members around the game. They are also asked to help keep Club Penguin safe and report anyone who is being disruptive or using offensive language; however, agents are not official moderators.[15]

G (Gary the Gadget Guy)
‘G’ is a fictional inventor of the Penguin Secret Agency, the fictitious secret service in the game. He plays a leading role in all four ‘secret missions’, similar to that of Q in the James Bond films.

The Agent Headquarters (HQ) is a Club Penguin location accessible only to Secret Agents, who can teleport there by clicking the Spy Phone in their player card inventory and then clicking “Visit HQ”, or by entering the right-most dressing room in the Sport Shop. The Headquarters has 24 TV screens that show images of most of the accessible places on Club Penguin, each of which is only a click away. In addition to the cove and forest TV screens, there has been one screen left blank. To the right of the TVs is a board containing a message, changed every two to four weeks, with hints and tips about activities on Club Penguin. In the bottom right corner are a book and a folder. The folder includes missions for Secret Agents; the agent handbook is titled “The F.I.S.H.” (Factual Informative Spy Handbook).

The F.I.S.H.
In the bottom right corner of the HQ, There is a Guide called the F.I.S.H. The Book contains VERY SECRET tips. The F.I.S.H. also has Special Dances. Here are some of the Special dances, but not all of them:

Chef Hat: Toss Pizza
Note: Also Works with Pizza apron as well

Lasso: Twirl Lasso in the air
The F.I.S.H. also has spy gear The items are:

Suit Jacket and Shirt, 650 Coins
Sunglasses, 200 Coins
Bow Tie, 50 Coins
Night-Vision Goggles

Secret agents are able to perform randomly occurring “Top Secret Missions.” Successful completion of such missions yields items for the player card inventory. Four current missions, which require secret agents to use their imagination and logic, include:

‘Case of the Missing Puffles’, in which Aunt Arctic, local news reporter for The Penguin Times, has lost her green and purple puffles and the player must get them back.
‘G’s Secret Mission’, in which agent G gives the player a new sled which must be tested; when it fails, players must test their survival skills and wait for another agent who brings them home.
‘Case of the Missing Coins’, in which the coins disappear from the Gift Shop vault, and players must find and retrieve them.
‘Avalanche Rescue’, where the player must rescue four penguins following an avalanche accident.
On successfully completing a mission, secret agents will have earned a Puffle Medal, a Burning Log Medal, a Magnet medal, or a Sled Tube medal, depending on the mission. Agents who deliver puffle pictures to Aunt Arctic (Case of the Missing Puffles) receive a letter from her. Those who make a fishing rod (G’s Secret Mission) receive a letter from G. Agents who restore the lights in the disco (Case of the Missing Coins) receive a letter from the dancing penguin. Agents who complete the Avalanche Rescue mission receive a letter that blows up; the top says “Letter from G.” Agents who temporarily fix up the ski lift in the Avalanche Mission get a handy penguin award.

Tour Guides
This project began January 26, 2007 with the intent of helping newcomers find their way around Club Penguin.[16] To become a tour guide, a penguin must be at least 45 days old and have had no more than one ban (or sufficiently good behavior after more bans).[17] Being a member is not required. To apply, one goes to the Tour Booth in the Ski Village and takes a quiz. The eight-question quiz tests one’s knowledge such as where things are located, puffle facts, game play, and so forth. Answering seven out of the eight questions correctly wins a tour guide hat. Only those who have passed the test and have the hat are official tour guides. When wearing the hat, players can issue pre-written sentences about the current room by clicking “Give a tour” on the Safe Chat Menu.

The Penguin Times
Club Penguin has a weekly newspaper delivered every Thursday. It contains a number of things happening around Club Penguin and features games, comics, and more. The Boiler Room under the Night Club in the Town contains an archive of newspapers from the last six weeks.[18]

Calendar dates
Each newspaper edition includes a list of dates that summarize when the next pin will be hidden, upcoming parties and other Club Penguin events.

Aunt Arctic
Aunt Arctic is a fictional character featured in the newspaper as a reporter with a role similar to that of real life advice column, giving advice (in this case, regarding game queries and etiquette). The Club Penguin team responds to players’ questions using Aunt Arctic as a pen name, and such questions can be submitted using an in-game form.

Main article: Puffle

Puffles are small, fluffy creatures that players may have as pets. They are available from the Pet Shop in blue, green, pink, black, purple, and red. Non-members have access to the blue and red puffles and may have no more than two; members may adopt up to twelve puffles. Puffles have health, rest, and energy bars to dictate their status.
There are six official breeds of puffles, each with a different personality.

Blue Puffles are mild tempered and content. Their favorite toy is a ball. Blue Puffles are special because anyone in Club Penguin can adopt them. Blue puffles are also special because blue puffles were the first puffle breed in Club Penguin. Blue puffles are special because blue puffles are loyal.
Green Puffles are very energetic and playful. They like to clown around on their unicycles or play with their propeller caps.
Purple Puffles are lots of fun to have around. They enjoy blowing bubbles and are terrific dancers, but they can be a bit fussy, especially at mealtime.
Red Puffles are adventurous and enthusiastic. They are fearless when attempting daring tricks(except in the survival mode of ‘catching some waves’) and spend a lot of their playful energy on a surf board. Rockhopper brought these puffles to Club Penguin on his ship from Rockhopper Island.
Pink Puffles are very active and cheery. They love to excercise by jumping rope or playing on their trampolines.
Black Puffles are known to be a little mischievious and off tempered. However, they love to play and make a great pet for anyone who likes a little bit more personality.
According to the book Truth or Dare found in the Book Room, the green puffle dancing on the speaker in the Night Club was the rumored “Keeper of the Boiler Room”.

Various minigames are available for play within Club Penguin.

Single Player Minigames
Single-player games, which generally earn the player more coins, include these:

Name Description Minigame Found In
Astro Barrier An classic-like arcade game that involves the main character as a ship and must shoot all the targets. Dance Lounge
Ballistic Biscuit The player must raft in the water and jump over all the obstacles in the water for points. The Dock
Bean Counters The player must help unload a truck of coffee beans, without carrying too many beans or catching anything else besides beans. Coffee Shop
Cart Surfer The player must preform tricks inside a mine cart while avoiding turns and obstacles. Mine
Catchin’ Waves The player must preform tricks on a surfboard to judges, avoid obstacles in Survival Mode, or just practice in Freestyle with/without a red puffle. Cove
Ice Fishing The player must catch fish, avoiding the other obstacles in the water, which may cut the player’s line. Ski Lodge
Jet Pack Adventure The player must use a jetpack to fly in the air without hitting obstacles or run out of fuel. The Lighthouse Beacon
Puffle Round-Up The player must use his/her mouse to round up all the puffles on the screen into a pen. Pet Shop
Pizzatron 3000 The player must make pizzas with specific different toppings every time. Pizza Parlor
Thin Ice In this arcade game, players have to guide a black puffle to safety through the ice. Dance Lounge

Multiplayer Minigames
Multi-player minigames in Club Penguin reward players with up to roughly 20 coins per game. These Include:

Name Description Minigame Found In
Find Four Basically has the same rules as the game Connect Four: The players must place down pieces in different rows, trying to get four pieces in a row. Ski Lodge, Ski Attic
Mancala The two players compete in a Mancala competition. The Book Room
Sled Racing Two penguins must race on sleds down a hill full of obstacles to avoid. The four different hills are Bunny Hill, Express, Penguin Run, and Ridge Run. Ski Mountain

Though most games earn the player coins (1/10th of the final score in most), some games do not. These include:

Name Description Minigame Found In
Ice Hockey The player must hit a puck by walking over it into the one of the two goals. Ice Rink
Snowball Fights The player must throw snowballs at one of the two Snow Forts (the other team). Snow Forts (although penguins can throw snowballs anywhere)

Ice Hockey and Snowball Fights can both be played in teams.
Numerous unofficial ‘armies’ have been formed to add fun to Snowball Fights.[citation needed]

(NOT POPULARITY! This is where the term “famous” Came into club penguin)
Actual “Famous” Penguins
These “famous” penguins are unavailable to non-moderators:

The Band
The Band is a small group of four Penguins who often come to big parties in Club Penguin. They play the accordion, drum, acoustic guitar, and bass. When Club Penguin was first launched, The Band did not have Frankie, the guitar player, and the accordion player played the piano. The band was all blue. They always provided the music in the night club until the speakers were installed (exception shown on St.Patricks day) There was once a scavenger hunt where players had to find the band’s instruments, with a new background as the reward.[citation needed]

Captain Rockhopper
Rockhopper is a fictional pirate character who arrives at Club Penguin aboard a pirate ship named The Migrator. Introduced on October 14, 2006, he arrives in the game approximately every two months. During a Rockhopper visit, all players (including non-members) may explore his ship, which offers exclusive ‘rare’ items for purchase, and a fictional diary of the character’s adventures. When among game players, Rockhopper appears as most others except that he wears pirate clothes unavailable to others.

A “message in a bottle” had been seen floating about, visible through the telescope located in the Lighthouse Beacon. On March 1, 2007, the bottle ended up on the right section of water on the Beach.[19] It appeared to be some pages torn out of Rockhopper’s journal, and ripped around the edges due to a rough journey. The words and pictures were later published in a book which tells about a stowaway on Rockhopper’s ship called Bambadee and how he overcame his fears and made friends. Rockhopper apparently returned him to the island but amazingly, was not noticed by other penguins. The story also tells of Bambadee’s friendship bracelets, which can be received by clicking on a picture of one after reading the story.

“The Team”
An original group of moderators was identified by Club Penguin as “The Team”:[20]

Billybob does the website’s blog and announces upcoming special events.
Rsnail is a moderator in Club Penguin who used to post the blogs instead of Billybob.
Happy77 is another Club Penguin moderator, whose profile is used as an example on the official website to show whether someone is a moderator.[21]

Beta Testers
Beta testers are users who test the game before the game’s launch. The beta testing started in August 2005. Earlier, the creators of Club Penguin announced for users who have interest in finding glitches in the game that is still in testing, registration is available at (An original website of the creator of Club Penguin and Penguin Chat 3). People who get accepted will receive an e-mail to go to a special link ( which requires a password that have been given in the e-mail message. Beta testers usually have the party hat from the Beta Test Party, which never returned to Club Penguin, making it the rarest item. Beta testers can be identify by their beta test party hats, or having lower-cased names, or all capital letters in a name, or mixed. Beta testers are rewarded 2000 bonus coins and 1 month free membership for testing the game.

Penguin Chat
Penguin Chat 3 was an old version of Club Penguin that opened to the public on March 31, 2005;[22] it went offline on October 28, 2005 [23] and included some items that are not in the current version. Two examples are ninjas[24][25] and snowcats. A ninja can be seen when clicking on the “n” of the night club in the main image on the Club Penguin official site.

Walt Disney Company
On August 1, 2007, Club Penguin announced that Club Penguin is partnering up with The Walt Disney Company. New Horizon Interactive claimed that players will not notice a difference. Disney offered a deal of 350 Million Dollars. The headquarters will remain in Kelowna, British Columbia and there are plans to add multiple languages. No external ads will be introduced on the game website. Disney is advertising the game on and other sites.

According to the Walt Disney Company, an additional $350 million could be added to the initial $350 million offering (for a potential total of $700 million) if the Club Penguin founders can reach profit targets through 2009 with its more than 700,000 paid subscribers and 24 million registered users!

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