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March 14, 2008

The 2008 St. Patrick’s Day Party Cheats, New Pin, Space Adventure Play and More

Hey Everyone! A lot of new things were released today! The St. Patrick’s Day Party is finally here! There is one free item so far. The free item is a Gigantic St. Patrick’s Day Hat. The Gigantic St. Patrick’s Day Hat is at the Ski Village:


Here is what it looks like when you try to pick up the Gigantic St. Patrick’s Day Party Hat:


New Book Pin

There also is a New Pin. The New Pin is a Book. It is located in the Boiler Room. The Pin however is too high to reach. It is on the Second Shelf of the Old Newspaper Cabinet:


To get the Book Pin to fall off the Cabinet Move your Cursor over the Pin. It should fall down and look something like this:


Here is what it looks like when you try to Pick up the New Book Pin:


Space Adventure Play Updated

The Stage has also Updated and brought back the Play Space Adventure. There is a Player Card Background at the Stage. The Player Card Background is available for Members and Non-Members.


Save the Migrator Project

The Save the Migrator Project is coming along very well. The Migrator is almost completely saved and has almost all of its parts back. I don’t really get how parts are just suddenly appearing back on the Migrator but Rockhopper’s Ship looks pretty good. It should be back to normal soon:


My Favorite Decorated Room for the St. Patrick’s Day Party

There are a lot of really cool decorations for the St. Patrick’s Day Party but I would have to say the Plaza is the best Decorated. It stands out and looks really good (Click to Enlarge):


There’s a lot of new things to do. Make sure to check them out and check back for the Updates on the St. Patrick’s Day Party. Next week will be the Easter Egg Hunt. Those are always fun because it is a game to get free items. It is kind of like the Halloween Party.


New 2005-2006 Yearbook

There is a new Club Penguin Year Book at the Coffee Shop. The Year Book is for 2005-2006. It is pretty cool and brings back a lot of good memories. Here is a picture of it:


The St. Patrick’s Day Party is awesome! The New pin is really cool too! Make sure to check them out.

Waddle On



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