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March 20, 2008

New Edition of the Club Penguin Times – March 20, 2008

Hey Everyone! Today a New Edition of the Penguin Times was released! The Newspaper really discusses a lot about the “Save the Migrator Project” and how far that we have come with the project. The Newspaper basically says that they have done a lot of good things so far and have come a long way with the “Save the Migrator Project,” but the newspaper also says that they still have a hard task a head of them. They still have to Finish Building the Migrator, Find a way to Contact Captain Rockhopper, and Find Something to do with the Aqua Grabber. Even though there is still a lot to be done the Migrator has been completely changed and is almost back to the way it used to be. The Newspaper discusses the Migrator further more.

Here is a Picture of the Migrator. Check out how much of the Migrator has been fixed!


The Starfish Pin Mystery

Today the Star Fish Pin was released. The Star Fish Pin is at the Mine Shack but there is a mystery behind it. The first thing is that this Pin has already been released and a pin has never came back to CP before. I’m not saying that it has come back but there is a Pin in the Mine Shack. Here is a picture of the Mine Shack with the Star Fish Pin:


If you Click on the Pin this Screen will pop up offering you to Pick Up the Star Fish Pin:


Here’s where the Mystery part comes in. When you Click Yes to Pick Up the Star Fish Pin it says that the item does not exist. Here is a picture of the Message you get:


I wonder what this means. Maybe the Pin is coming back soon or maybe it is just a Glitch and the Pin will not come back. A pin has never came back on CP before so I’m not sure that it is going to come back. What does it mean?

The Easter Party Sneak Peek

The Easter Party is coming tomorrow everyone! This years Easter Party is supposed to be one of the best parties in the History of CP! This year a scavenger hunt will be going on. Here is a preview picture of the Scavenger Hunt:


A Scavenger Hunt is when you search for something. For the Easter Party we will be searching for Eggs. If we manage to find all of the Eggs we will receive a special prize most likely to be a Free Item or Pin. This year Aunt Artic is going to be hiding all of the Easter Eggs and no one will know where the Eggs are until the Eggs are released for the Scavenger Hunt. Aunt Artic will leave us clues and hints to help penguins complete the Scavenger Hunt. The Easter Eggs are always extremely colorful and there is also always magnificent Decorations during the Easter Party!

April Fools’ Day Party

The April Fools’ Day Party is also on its way here! From March 28th-April 2nd we will be celebrating the April Fools’ Day Party. It is supposed to be a blast with a bunch of unusual transformations! Every year the April Fools’ Day party is unique and is loads of fun! I can’t wait until this years party which will start on Friday March 28, 2008! Here is the preview Title Description of the April Fools’ Day Party given in the New Edition of the Penguin Times:


As you can see there is many new Events coming soon! I can’t wait until the Easter Party! I enjoy doing the Scavenger Hunts! Here are all of the Upcoming Events.

Upcoming Events on Club Penguin

March 21, 2008

* Easter Egg Hunt

* New Igloo Furniture

March 28, 2008

* April Fools’ Day Party

* New Pin Hidden

April 4, 2008

* New Clothing Catalog

It looks like there is going to be a lot of fun new things added! I can’t wait! Make sure to check for Easter Party Updates on Friday!

Waddle On



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  23. Great post Toronto! I can’t wait till tomorrows Easter Egg Hunt!


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  35. The pin thing happened to me too! I emailed Club Penguin about it and they said that it was a glitch and that they fixed it.
    Nice post 🙂

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