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April 2, 2008

How to Earn More Coins in Find Four – Amazing Find Four Cheats & Glitches, and Club Penguin Logos

Hey Everyone! Today, I made up a Game Guide for Find Four which will help you earn a ton more coins! These Game Guides are very simple and will help you earn a lot more coins! Just Follow these Simple Instructions and you will earn tons more coins!

How to Earn More Coins in Find Four Waves

* Be Patient. There is no time Limit on Find Four. Don’t rush and make a move that will cost you the game!
* Try to predict your opponents moves. If you can guess what your opponent will do, you will be able to control the game and make better moves. These moves will help you win the game.
* Try to trap your opponent. When you trap your opponent they are forced into choosing a position where they can’t win. It is like having two places where you can win. Your opponent can only choose one so you can win in the other position.

This guide should help a lot to earn more coins! If you check out my “Cheats to Earn More Coins” Page there will be loads more of Game Guides!  for my “Cheats to Earn More Coins” Page.

Find Four Cheats & Glitches

There are many Cheats & Glitches for Find Four! A lot of these Glitches work for Mancala as well. These Glitches are really fun to perform so you should check them out. Here are some of the Cheats & Glitches that work on Club Penguin. For more Cheats and Glitches for Games and other things on CP . Here are Find Four and Mancala Cheats and Glitches:

Play Two games of Mancala at the Same Time: Go to the Upper Floor of the Coffee Shop. Go to a Mancala game and click Yes rapidly as many times as you can, when it asks if you want to play. Then walk downstairs. Now go back upstairs and go to another Mancala game and play it.

Find Four and Mancala Walkaway Glitch: Go play either Find Four or Mancala. When the sign pops up and asks if you want to play, click ‘Yes’ quickly many times. Your penguin will walk away from the game board. You should now be playing the game from far away. Works better on slow computers in full servers.

Find Four and Mancala Glitch 2: Go to the Ski Lodge or the Upstairs of the Coffee Shop room. Go to a Mancala or Find Four game and click Yes as fast as you can, when it asks if you want to play. Then walk downstairs. Walk back upstairs and go to that same game. When you try to Watch the game, it will say that the Room is full and the room you are in will have to reload!

New Find Four Glitch: First go to the Lodge Attic. Do the Find Four and Mancala Walkaway Glitch (The Glitch I said above). This will make you walk out of the room. Since you are outside of the room, when someone joins the game, you will already be in that game of Find Four. If there was already someone in the game they probably will not see it but, people that want to join the game will think that no one is there, when there is no one in the room! If you try to join the game you will receive the “Sorry this room is Currently Full” Message, and if you are in a different room after you have performed the Glitch, you will receive the “Character has quit the game” Message.

There are a lot of cool Cheats and Glitches on Club Penguin. I have a pretty large amount of Cheats and Glitches on my “Club Penguin Cheats & Glitches” Page. Make sure to check them out and also check out my “Cheats to Earn More Coins” Page for guides and tips to earning more coins in Games! I might have a new Video uploaded tomorrow so make sure to check that out! Disney has also been changing up a lot of things on CP. There is now a new Logo idea. Here is a Picture of the Logos:


These logos were posted on the Improvement Project Blog by Billybob. They are not sure they are going to change it but it is up to what penguins say about the new and old logos. I like the new one better but thats just me. They also talk about the new website coming soon! for the Update on The Logos and new Website!

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