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April 5, 2008

Aqua Grabber Updates + More

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Hey guys! Today Club Penguin has made some big updates in the game “Aqua Grabber” at the Ice Berg. These updates are pretty cool and helpful!

Now instead of collecting missing pieces from the Migrator now you get to collect treasure! All you have to do to collect the treasure is go all the way down to the ocean floor, and then to the right:

You may want to watch out for the fish because they can cause you to loose your treasure while driving the Aqua Grabber.

If you have a pink puffle on Club Penguin you are now able to bring it to help you in Aqua Grabber! Like in the game Catching Waves with the red puffle, the pink puffle in Aqua Grabber will help you succeed in beating the game! It blows bubbles so when you need air it will take some water out of the Aqua Grabber. If you are in big trouble it will empty out all the water, so these puffles really help you!

Also you can find the blue oyster all over the game. They will fall asleep which will able you to get the pearls out of the oyster. To make them fall asleep simply stay next to them for about 25 seconds. Each pearl that you earn you will get 25 coins. There is also black pearls in the oysters which will give you 50 coins.

Club Penguin Improvement Project:

Well the server testing is now finished! That was a great experience with the April Fool’s party being green puffles! Now you will be able to access the Club Penguin Improvement blog, and check what the new Club Penguin site is going to look like!

Here is a picture of what the sneak peek of what the new Club Penguin blog is going to look like! I looks pretty cool, and looks like it will be easier to get more information.

(Click to enlarge.)

Waddle On



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