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April 9, 2008

New Free Membership Contest and Updates

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Hey Everyone! Today I am going to start a new Contest! This Contest will be giving away a Free Membership! Anyone can win this Contest too! The Person who comments the most on this Post will receive a Free Membership! Here are the Rules for the Commenting:

1. Only Comment on this Post. Comments on other Posts or Pages will not count.

2. No Spam Comments. This includes Advertising websites and other places.

3. No Links of any form.

4. You must not repeat the same comment over and over. Comments must be different in order to count.

This Contest will last from April 8-12 so make sure to comment fast! Anyone can win. The winner is the one who wants it the most. Who will win? Will you be the one winning a Free Membership?

The Prizes for the Contest are really good! Check out the Prizes for this Contest:

First Prize: A Free Membership, and Prizes One & Two

Second Prize: A Customized Header and Prize One

Third Prize: A Chance to be my Buddy on Club Penguin, and a Free Edit

The Prizes are extremely good for this Contest! For the Free Membership I will be sending the Game Card Code to the Winner. If you enter the Contest Post a place for me to Contact you (Ex. Website, Email, AIM). Anyone can win. You could get a Free Membership for Free! This is your Chance!

In Other words, The Special Gift From Billybob is coming really soon! I can’t wait! I am still not sure what the Special Gift is but I do have a lot of other Information about the Special Gift. For More Information on the Special Gift being given to the penguins who tested in CPIP Click Here. I have made a Poll on what I think the most likely things that the gift will be.

Click Here for the new poll!

The Gift will only be added to penguins who tested in CPIP. The Servers will be shut down on April 14th from 12-3 Penguin Time for Updated Servers. The New Servers will be greatly improved. Here are some of the things being added to the Servers to make them better:

* Faster Connection

* Connection Loss Less Frequent

* Reduced Technical Difficulties

I know that you are probably thinking “Come on, I want to go on!” The Server update is only for 3 Hours! It is well worth the wait! Servers will be so much better than before! It is definitely a good thing to have the Servers Updated

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