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April 10, 2008

New Edition of the Penguin Times- April 10, 2008

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Hey everyone! Today a new Edition of the Penguin Times was released! This Edition was different than all of the other Editions ever released. It was made completely by Aunt Arctic! There is a bunch of new things added to the Newspaper. to read the new Edition of the Penguin Times without logging into CP. Aunt Arctic added many new things to the Newspaper. Most of these new things let you get involved and get to choose what will happen in CP.

One of the best changes to the Newspaper is the “Reviewed by You” page. This Page allows you to send in Questions, Tips, Review, Comics, Poems, Jokes, and Riddles! Many of these things were never allowed to be submitted! The Page is very nice looking and when you hover over a Button it gives a Description on the Button. This is new to the Penguin Times and is definately a nice thing to have.

Each week Penguins review a certain current topic or event on Club Penguin. This week the Topic was Island Fashion. They want you to review what you think of the latest Clothing Catalog. Click Here for Clothing Catalog Cheats.

Tomorrow, Friday April 11th, a new Stage Production will be released. For this Production there will be a lot of creative new Clothes. The Clothes will be unique.

Gary the Gadget Guy, has been working on Saving the Migrator for a really long time. The Save the Migrator Project has been a huge success. The Migrator is completely saved, but we still have to find Rockhopper. Gary is trying to Capture Rockhopper’s Attention by setting off Flares at the Beach. This idea may work but it could be hard to find Rockhopper if he is at Rockhopper Island. Click Here for more Information on Rockhopper Island. There is a Device at the Beach called the Flare Flinger 3000. This sparks up Flares and Flashes a screen to help Capture Rockhopper’s Attention. Here is a Picture of the Flare Flinger 3000:

There is also a Save the Migrator Game in the Newspaper. Make sure to check that out. The Migrator is also completely fixed! Here is a Picture of the Migrator. You can find it at the Beach (Click to Enlarge).

Upcoming Events

Here are the Upcoming Events for this Month. This does not include some Events. One of the Main Events is the New Mission Number 7. Click Here for Information About Mission 7. Here is the Upcoming Events from the Newspaper:

There is a lot of new things going on this week! I hope we find Rockhopper! The new Stage Production looks Great! I can’t wait for it!

Waddle On


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