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May 2, 2008

New Clothing and Wig Catalog Secrets – May 2008

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Hey Everyone! There are new Clothing and Wig Catalogs out. They both have secrets too!

First, lets find the Clothing Catalog Secrets. Click on the Dragon’s Hand, for the Crystal Staff:

Click on the Emerald’s Hat, for the Woodsman’s Hat:

Click on the Casual Suit Jacket, for Cheesy Necktie:

Click on the Cocoa Bunny’s Ribbon for the Red Viking Helmet. Open and Close it Four times for the Blue Viking Helmet:

Click on the Orange Penguin’s Eyes, for the Green Snorkel:

Surprisingly, there is also a Secret in the Wig Catalog. Click on the Spikester, for the Spikette:

Check out the two new Backgrounds:

There is also a secret Letter on the Last Page of the Catalog. Drag the First Message Box called “How do I get coins?” downward. This letter announces a party on the 16th for Clothing. Check it out:

The New Catalog is really good and has a lot of new Items! They only brought back one item, the Queen’s Crown! I am glad that they made up new ideas for clothing.

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