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May 21, 2008

New Furniture Catalog Spoilers & Sneak Peeks

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Update: I made a new Music Video! Click Here to view it!

Hey Everyone! A new sneak peek for the Furniture Catalog was released (Click to Enlarge).

This Friday many events will be taking place! One of the main events is an Igloo Contest. This Igloo contest, is a Medieval themed Igloo Contest.

Club Penguin is also working on improving many features of the game. They recently starting working on a new, easier way to find your Buddies. They are also working on a new Login Feature which will group Servers, based on how often you visit them. Club Penguin is also working on Penguin Mail. Click Here for more info on Penguin Mail.

Remember that a new Comic was released today! Check it out (Click to Enlarge).

There will be a lot of new events coming on Friday! The Pet Shop Catalog will be updated, the Ye Olde Igloo Contest will begin, a new pin will be hidden, and the new Furniture Catalog will be released! Remember that a new Edition of the Penguin Times will be released tomorrow!


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  18. why’d you have to spoil it?
    good job anyways

    Comment by violinbeast — May 25, 2008 @ 5:03 PM

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