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June 12, 2008

Mission 8 Sneak Peek

Filed under: Club Penguin — Tags: , , , — Chrisdog93 @ 1:12 AM

Hey guys! The new mission will be here by the end of June! A Sneak Peek was released for the Mission. It looks like its going to be fun!

Make sure you have beaten Mission 7 first, so you are caught up when the new one comes out! The Water Party starts Friday!


  1. The new mission is going to be great! I can’t wait! 😉

    Comment by Toronto — June 12, 2008 @ 1:12 AM

  2. Cool! It looks like a secret cave at the bottom of the lighthouse!

    Comment by tooly228 — June 12, 2008 @ 1:15 AM

  3. I can’t wait for the party 🙂

    Comment by cycle22 — June 12, 2008 @ 1:31 AM

  4. awesome!


    Comment by 8timmy360 — June 12, 2008 @ 1:58 AM

  5. hey it looks like its either at the bottom of the sea or its a cave the polar bear made hes probably at it again hes always trying to do something i wonder what it could be

    Comment by Penguinlover101 — June 12, 2008 @ 3:10 AM

  6. That looks like…It might be the volcano from the stage…Real Time travel, perhaps?

    Comment by alienboy23 — June 17, 2008 @ 12:45 AM

  7. this mission is so gonna rock! cant wait to see what that cave is!!! =P

    Comment by 7 nana 7 — June 18, 2008 @ 3:23 AM

  8. the light house is inside it probably a trap!! LOOK OUT!!!!

    Comment by 17kipp — June 20, 2008 @ 7:19 AM

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